Atelier Mestdagh tells a story about craftsmanship & art, colour & light, tradition & innovation…a dedication to the art of stained glass.

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Atelier Mestdagh: specialised in stained glass restoration

Already having existed for three generations, Atelier Mestdagh is specialised in the art of stained glass. The glass studio is specialised in the conservation and restoration of stained glass, creating new stained glass designs, the reuse of stained glass, and insulation and lighting options for stained glass.

With stained glass restoration, the studio works according to a professional code of ethics. Atelier Mestdagh represents quality and gives the highest respect to authentic methods.

The art of stained glass with a contemporary character

Atelier Mestdagh is very versatile.

In stained glass restoration, every project begins with a thorough analysis of the glass in order to ensure the conservation of the original work of art. Minimal intervention and reversibility are essential in order to ensure a long lasting, high-quality restoration, which restores the aesthetic and iconographic significance of the window.

The workshop also executes stained glass creations from designs of in-house designer Ingrid Meyvaert. In her glass creations Ingrid tries to combine modernity with respect for the richness of the traditional craft. Atelier Mestdagh also opens its doors to external designers from home and abroad.

Today many churches and chapels are empty, and the active search for relocating stained glass is a topical issue. Atelier Mestdagh wants to participate in this search, by advising architects and builders to give the stained glass art a new destination.

When natural light is not available or does not give the correct effect, Atelier Mestdagh tries to find solutions to illuminate stained glass in an artificial manner. The use of LED-lighting can have additional benefits in giving stained glass the effect and attention it deserves.

Protective glazing is becoming a bigger part of our business due to the invaluable nature of such beautiful stained glass artworks. Preservation of the glass is essential, while also considering insulation and the environment. Atelier Mestdagh works together with the client and offers solutions in this respect.

Stained glass restoration; a real craft

At Atelier Mestdagh, the stained glass art and craft are still practised with passion, devotion and pride. Whether it is stained glass restoration, the reuse of stained glass or creating new stained glass, Atelier Mestdagh always tries to achieve the best and most beautiful result.