Our vision

Craft & Tradition

Since 1947 Atelier Mestdagh has grown into one of the oldest and most respected glass studios in Flanders. It is a unique stained glass workshop known for its excellent craftsmanship and refined, ancient glass-painting techniques. The founder, Albert Mestdagh, trained at the famous Neo-Gothic Coppejans workshop. Since then the traditional craft of painted stained glass is still practised and continues to be handed down from generation to generation. That’s why Atelier Mestdagh is the only workshop with truly Neo-Gothic roots. Every aspect of the stained glass craft is being handled with respect and perfection.

Creativity & Innovation

Atelier Mestdagh uses its materials and traditional technique in a creative and innovative way, as well as allowing space for research and experiment. Stained glass is mostly used as an art medium, in particular for the creation of new stained glass projects. But the search for new ways to design or execute new stained glass windows or glass art in general, is always present at the Mestdagh’s. In the conservation and restoration part of the workshop, the contemporary approach dominates. Traditional techniques are used, but always implemented in a contemporary conservation plan.

Quality & Perfection

Atelier Mestdagh is known for its quality and perfection in every project.

Atelier Mestdagh wants to be a transparent business. It is one of the key objectives of Atelier Mestdagh to promote the art of stained glass and to show it to the bigger public. That’s why, for example, they offer placements, organise art exhibitions and open house days, and provide guided tours.

The most important thing for Atelier Mestdagh, is to provide a good service. Every project or client is unique. We try and help to inform our clients, to the best of our abilities. Good, honest and transparent communication is key. The high number of satisfied customers leads us to believe that this is the right approach for the future.