Protective glazing at Atelier Mestdagh

Because of the important art historical value of stained glass, protective glazing is crucial. Different techniques are possible and the authenticity of the stained glass is always taken into account.

Focus on the preservation of stained glass

From an environmental point of view it is crucial to think about the insulation of a building. Looking for effective techniques, in combination with respect for the historical and aesthetic side of the stained glass, is something Atelier Mestdagh is specialised in. Through the use of protective glazing, important pieces of art continue to exist. It is not always easy to combine contemporary techniques with historical conservation demands. It is for this reason that Atelier Mestdagh remains in contact with the carpenters about measurements and the actual insulation of the window.

Lighting stained glass is a crucial part in showing the real beauty of the piece of art. Daylight is not always sufficient. Previously, stained glass was lit artificially through the use of fluorescent lamps in a white painted wooden box. We are now able to use very thin LED sheets, which can be adapted to make sure that the stained glass is properly displayed.

Atelier Mestdagh, your partner for insulation and lighting

It is important to consider the environment while also protecting the beautiful stained glass art. Please contact us for any questions or a price offer for protective glazing or for lighting stained glass.

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Protective glazing

Stained glass has a historical, artistic, architectural, creative and emotional value. The architecture serves the stained glass as well as the other way around. The conservation of stained glass is historical and aesthetically of great importance. Thinking of the environment and insulation is also of significant value. How can we bring these factors together? The two most common solutions are:

  • Putting stained glass in front of your insulated/double glazing. When the stained glass is positioned in this way, you are able to see the window in its full glory from the interior side. If your stained glass needs to be restored, this can be done using as minimally invasive a method as possible. This is by far the most beautiful and inexpensive solution. The stained glass can also be placed into in a separate frame.
  • Putting stained glass in between your double glazing. This option has the advantage of protecting the front and back of your stained glass panel, as well as being easier to maintain. On the other hand this method produces a significant amount of reflection on both sides, higher costs, and the method provides no guarantee on your double glazing.

In both cases it is always necessary to evaluate the existing windows, as well as the woodwork to see if it needs to be maintained, adjusted or replaced. It is always important to keep good contact with the carpenter to discuss measurements and the execution of the installation.

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Lighting stained glass

A stained glass window comes to life when the light is being transmitted through the glass. When the first ray of sunshine breaks through the window, a story of colour and composition begins. The location and position of the stained glass strongly determine the result.

When natural light is not available, an artificial solution is necessary. Until a few years ago, a wooden, white-painted box emitting fluorescent light was the only solution.

However in the past few years Atelier Mestdagh has had a lot of experience in using a more innovative way of lighting: very thin LED-lighting sheets. These lighting sheets have a lot of benefits and characteristics:

  • Evenly distributed light: A patented engraving technique ensures that light is evenly distributed across the surface of the acrylic to deliver a flat illuminated panel
  • Thickness: 8mm (standard)
  • Longevity: lifespan of over 50.000 hours/11 years at 12 hours a day
  • Low power consumption: LED light sheets consume up to 70% less power than T5 fluorescent lamps
  • Sizes & shapes: LED light sheets can be made into any shape and size up to: 3000mm x 1500mm
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