Atelier Mestdagh, glass studio

Atelier Mestdagh, located in Ghent, is one of the oldest stained glass studios in Flanders (founded in 1947). This family workshop is the only existing glass studio with Neo-Gothic roots. Atelier Mestdagh is specialised in the conservation and restoration of stained glass, the creation of new stained glass, the reuse of stained glass, and insulation and lighting options for stained glass.

Symbols of creativity and innovation

The making of a stained glass window has changed little since the Middle Ages. At Atelier Mestdagh this traditional craft is still practised and continues to be handed down from generation to generation. Creativity and craftsmanship work perfectly together. Every activity or aspect of the production process is executed to the highest standard and is given equal importance.

Atelier Mestdagh, an established value

Years of experience and expertise, and an urge for innovation, all characterise Atelier Mestdagh. The workshop is an established value in stained glass society and has a strong and positive reputation in Belgium and abroad.

Knowledge, craft and innovation are the secrets behind Atelier Mestdagh.

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Between 1947 and 1972 Albert Mestdagh directed and expanded the workshop. He trained at the famous Neo-Gothic Coppejans workshop. As a skilful restorer, he mastered the ancient glass-painting techniques as well as being a talented designer and executor of stained glass windows by other designers.

Restoration, and also the execution of original stained glass designs or designs of external designers, were the principal activities of the workshop. In the Fifties, the Mestdagh workshop executed windows from designs by Eugeen Yoors, an advocate of modern religious art. From the Sixties onwards, Albert Mestdagh collaborated regularly with young designers such as Harold Van de Perre.

After his death in 1972, his wife Yvonne Mestdagh-Mathys took over the studio until her second son, Luc, was ready to run the workshop. Luc observed his father for years and became a real craftsman. Nowadays he is one of the few professional glass-painters in Belgium.

In 1978, Luc Mestdagh married Ingrid Meyvaert, who specialised in designing stained glass windows. She also promoted the use of stained glass in modern architecture. Traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation had found each other.

Since 2006 the future of Atelier Mestdagh has been assured by Katrien Mestdagh, the oldest daughter of Ingrid and Luc. After attaining her Masters in Art Science/Musicology she trained in the family workshop. In 2015 she succeeded in getting her Masters in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management, at the University of York. With this degree she is able to provide a new level of academic support to Atelier Mestdagh. Therefore the existing knowledge and experience of the craft is reinforced with an additional academic approach. Thanks to Katrien’s studies in York, she remains in contact with an international network of stained glass conservators from all over Europe and the United States.

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The studio today

The technical abilities and craft of the employees are always carefully monitored. Although to the eye it may appear that time has stood still at Atelier Mestdagh, they are always looking ahead to the future with energy and enthusiasm.

Luc Mestdagh, Ingrid Meyvaert and Katrien Mestdagh respect the old traditions and targets but are also leading the workshop into the 21st Century. In this, the oldest stained glass studio in Flanders, the stained glass craft is still practised with passion, devotion and pride.

The Mestdagh family are supported by a team of devoted, skilled and professional people: Davy Meersschaut, Wanne Boidin, Laura ten Zeldam, Veerle Mestdagh and Sarah Jarron.

Conservatie Restauratie - Atelier Mestdagh

Guided Tours

We are able to organise guided visits for large and small groups upon request. In our charming, traditional studio you are introduced to the various technical, artistic and aesthetic aspects of the centuries-old art of stained glass. This provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional craft.

If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us for more information. Please e-mail Ingrid Meyvaert at:

Rondleiding- Atelier Mestdagh


Unfortunately we do not provide any training options at the moment. We are busy developing a few workshops, which will hopefully be available in 2017.

If you are interested please contact us at:

Greeting cards

Promoting the art of stained glass and showing it to the bigger public is important to us. That is why we have developed greeting cards of a few unique and timeless creations by Atelier Mestdagh. There are eleven different cards available, with two designs specifically made for Christmas. The cards are for sale in our workshop and gallery.

  • Price per card is € 2,00

Glass art

In our gallery and exhibition space we try to sell our own work, alongside glass art by the Czech glass artist Jaroslav Svoboda, and glass cylinders and light plates of Glashütte Lamberts.

On Saturday afternoons we do our best to be present in the Gallery Mestdagh. Otherwise it is advisable to call to make an appointment. Please call us on 0032 (0)9 223 41 29.

Gallery Mestdagh – Drabstraat 2 – 9000 Ghent